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 Please call if you would like a copy of the map depicting the options for the Blanchard Watershed Flood Mitigation Plan.

The Army Corps. of Engineers, Buffalo District 
1776 Niagara Street, Buffalo, NY 14207-3199
Telephone:  800-833-6390, Option #3  Fax: 716-879-4225


U.S. Army Corps of Engineers webpage: click here
To view the slides from the Flood Mitigation presentation click on the blue oval"additional study information"
then scroll down to "Alternative Plans Meeting Presentation"


 July 2014 - The following link will take you to FEMA's map search site where you can view the proposed new flood maps for Putnam County, including the Village of Ottawa.  Choose "OHIO" for the state and "PUTNAM" for the county; then click "GET PRELIMINARY FEMA MAPS PRODUCTS."  This will result in a listing of the preliminary flood maps for Putnam County.  The Village of Ottawa will be found on maps ending in 166D, 168D, 169D and 285D.  The downtown and west end areas are located on map 168D.

June 2012 - USGS WaterAlert allows you to receive updates at any of the sites where the USGS collects real-time water information.  Daily or hourly updates are sent via email or text message when the current conditions meet or surpass a thresholdof concern that you set.  Go to and choose a State, data type, and site of interest.  If you need assistance, please contact the Village offices.

To view a list of addresses in the Village of Ottawa to determine if your property lies in the Special Flood Hazard Area [SFHA], click here.  Note:  Blue addresses are in zone A [SFHA], Green addresses in zone B and Yellow addresses have letters of map amendment on file at the Village.  This information is provided as a courtesy only, for actual elevations of a property please seek the services of a professional surveyor, engineer, or architect.

Click here to view elevation certificates on file at the Village.   For detailed information contact the Village at 419.523.5020.


To view the Blanchard River levels including the predicted levels provided by the National Weather Service, click here

To view the Blanchard River levels provided by the USGS which are updated at 20 minutes before each hour, click here.

The 2013 Flood Information Brochure
Informational Brochure:
When Considering a Home in the Flood Plain
 Emergency information may be available at the Putnam County Office of Public Safety website:

bondpics 013.jpg     The Blanchard River is a tributary of the Auglaize River, approximately 95 mi (153 km) long, in northwestern Ohio. 
It drains a primarily rural farming area in the Lake Erie watershed.
          It rises northwest of Kenton in Hardin County and flows generally north for its first 25 mi (40 km) into eastern Hancock County, where it turns sharply to the west. The river continues west through Findlay and past Ottawa. It joins the Auglaize from the east in western Putnam County approximately 2 mi (3.2 km) north of Cloverdale. The river is named for a French tailor, Jean Jacques Blanchard who settled among the Shawnee Indians along the river in 1769. 
          The Blanchard River is a valuable resource for the Village of Ottawa and serves as a source of water for the Villages of Ottawa, Glandorf, Bluffton, Miller City and portions of Ottawa Township.