Street Department


The Street Department or Public Works Department includes all of the physical facilities and services provided by Village government that make life possible in Ottawa. 
Since being incorporated in 1834, the Village has come to own, operate and maintain an ever increasing amount of public facilities from streets and storm sewers to parks and treatment facilities. It is extremely important that these physical facilities be protected with proper maintenance and repair as well as planned rehabilitation and replacement.


The Village owns a wide variety of equipment designed to provide the required services to the community. The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of  Village-owned vehicles and heavy equipment.

Mulch Information

  • If assistance is required to load mulch into trailers, wagons or vehicles; Village personnel will utilize equipment at their discretion for a minimum charge of five dollars ($5) per scoop for Village residents. Mulch is no longer available to non-residents. 
  • Payment must be made in full at the Municipal Building prior to loading at the convenience of Village personnel.
  • Per Ordinance No. 05-26 passed in 2005 - mulch is available at no charge for residential use.

Wood Information

The Village has excess wood material from the Shade Tree Commission’s tree trimming program. The Village is offering the wood, free of charge, for public use by Ottawa citizens. A hold harmless agreement is required and is available at the Municipal Building.