Ottawa, OH


How do I schedule a golf cart inspection?

Call 419.523.5020 and an appointment will be made with a police officer who will inspect the golf cart.

Do I need a building permit for my sidewalk, fence, driveway, shed, etc.?

This is not a simple question. There are numerous variables including if you live in or outside of the flood zone. Please contact the Zoning Coordinator at 419.523.5020.

Who should I contact with questions about flooding?

Denise Balbaugh is the Certified Floodplain Manager and can be reached at 419.523.5020.

How do I rent a shelterhouse in the park?

Both Memorial Park and the Waterworks Park have shelterhouses available. The cost is $20.00 and reservations can be made by calling 419.523.5020.

When and where does Council meet?

Council meets the 2nd and 4th Monday evening of every month at 7:30 p.m. The meetings are held in Council Chambers; 2nd floor of the Municipal Building at 136 N. Oak Street in Ottawa.

Can I pay my utility bill on-line with a credit/debit card?

Yes. There is a minimum fee of 3.95% which is charged by Pay-Gov. The icon is available on the left side of the Village home page.

What is the tax rate in the Village of Ottawa?

The tax rate has been 1% since inception around 1959.

Can utility bill payments be automatically deducted from my bank account?

Yes. If you are interested in signing up, complete the proper form (ACH Authorization) and return it to the Utility Department. You will still receive a monthly bill which will have the amount noted and language stating, "Memo Bill - Do Not Pay."

Who is RITA?

RITA is an acronym and stands for Regional Income Tax Agency. This entity administers the Village of Ottawa's income tax.

Who does the Village use for trash pick-up

The Village of Ottawa has a contract with Republic Services for residential trash pick-up. Their phone number is 1-800-491-1115. The rates are: $15.17 per household per month for recycling and unlimited weekly trash and includes one "bulk" item per week. The rate is $13.80 per month for recycling and unlimited trash collection and includes one "bulk" item per week for those 62 years and older. Republic also provides a bag service rate of $2.25 per bag for those not subscribing to the weekly service. These bags are available at the Municipal Building on Oak Street.

I just moved to Ottawa. How do I get water and sewer service?

Contact the Utilities Department at 419.523.5020. A name, address and phone number is all that is needed. No deposit is required.